Autism Rainbow

“Autism, like a rainbow, has a bright side and a dark side and even though it can mean rough weather, it can be beautiful.” -Stuart Duncan

Autism is a complex neuro-behavioural disorder that includes impairment in social interaction.Because of the range of symptoms this is also called as autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism have trouble in communicating and understanding. Symptoms of autism typically appear during first three years of life.

Though the causative factor of autism is not known but some say it is more genetic. Advanced age of mother and father, pregnant women exposed to harmful drugs or chemicals, maternal metabolic condition like diabetes and obesity are all factors that increase the risk of Autism. Recently there is a controversial debate on whether vaccination may increase the risk of Autism

Whatever may be the cause, homeopathic constitutional prescription dynamically acts both at the physical and mental level of the child. Homeopathy not only improves communication but also their social behaviour improved drastically. After homeopathic treatment, we have seen children continuing in regular schools, excelling in various art forms and able to express their hearts & mind. HOMEOPATHY along with Occupation Therapy and Speech therapy together can be your child’s anchor to tread this patchy path.

If you have a differently able child, diagnose him/her early and do no hesitate to seek help. Call us on +91 84331011 or visit us on how we can help you

Together WE CAN 🙂

Today on World Autism day we are sharing stories of these beautiful children and their brave families:






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