ulceratiove colitis

Ulcerative colitis is the most common type of inflammatory disease of the bowel. It usually affects the rectum and proximal part of rectum. Symptoms include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Urgent need to defecate.

Ulcerative colitis is a lifelong disease, that is associated with significant morbidity. Diagnosis is made with laboratory investigations

  • C Reactive Protein
  • Plain Abdominal X -RAY ,
  • Endoscopic Assessment of the intestine for  Ulceration.

Management for active disease includes:

  • Steroids oral and topical,
  • Elective surgery for unresponsive or frequently relapsing disease.

In homeopathy, however the answer to many of the issues is different: IS IT A LIFE LONG DISEASE? HAS NO CURE?? DOES IT HAVE A RELAPSE???

Answer for this question is given by only …. HOMEOPATHY!!

Homeopathic approach of treatment for ulcerative colitis:

1)Individual in healthy state and in diseased state

2)Mental state of the individual

3)It’s relation to surroundings, their reaction, their concerns, their expectations from surroundings, how they are adjusting with the various situations in life.

4) Stress, worries, crisis related to day to day life.

These points are considered for selection of the homeopathic remedy since every individual has different attitude towards the disease so accordingly remedy (medicine) differs.

Case of ulcerative colitis cured with homoeopathy

This is a case of 82 years old female lady suffering from ulcerative colitis since 6 months. She presented with complaints of abdominal pain, blood in stool. She was passing stool 4 to 6 times in a day with urgency for stool.

This old lady along with her husband is presently staying in Mumbai and her daughter and son staying in Dubai with their family.

This old couple used to stay with them but due to some health insurance issue, they retuned back to India and are now staying with their granddaughter.

This patient is managing all household work such as cooking, doing pooja, cleaning etc. At this age also she managing all household work. And then she started with this ailment.

During case taking while her telling complaints, she said…

Patient- bahot weakness aa gaya hai pareshan ho gayi hu (I am feeling very weak. I am very much tired of this illness)

Baar baar toilet jana pad raha hai bed pe hi ho jata hai kapde kharab hote hai to nahana padta hai (again and again I have to go for motions, in bed only I pass motions. And the cloths get soiled, every time after passing motions.  After soiling cloths, she has to take bath).

kuch achha nahi lagta kuch khane ka mann nahi karata (I am not liking anything, not feeling to eat anything) khana dekhati hu to bhi achha nahi lagta toilet ka control nahi hota hai dar laga rahta hai ki control na chute.  (when I see food, also I feel not to eat, I can’t control motion. Every time I have the fear that I will lose control)

Ye sab mujhe hi kyon hua? (why this is happening to me only?) sab naseeb ka khel hai (This is all bad fate) shayad mere pe bhagwan  ki kripa nahi hai  (I feel I do not have God’s blessing)  shayad bhagwan mere karmo ki saja de raha (God is punishing me for my bad deeds) ya  uski drushti mere pe nahi hai (God is not keeping his grace on me)

She wants perfection in every work. She told her maid that she is not working properly, so now she does all the household work on her own and the main thing is because of this problem she cannot go outside to temple also. She is very religious person. She does pooja every day then she takes food. While narrating her history she laments, weeps and is very anxious.

On these symptoms we prescribed a remedy (medicine) and after 1 week it gave miraculous results. The frequency of her loose motions reduced from 4 to 2 episode. The urgency for stool reduced and after 15 days there was no abdominal pain.

This cure was achieved with homeopathy because homeopathic medicines works on both mental and physical level, I would rather say that dynamic level. which give cure both mentally and physically.

You can contact us to know more or book an appointment with our experts or visit us at www.healingharmony.in

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