Cravings are all in the MIND

The Craving Brain | Tufts Now

Often we find ourselves struggling to curb food cravings during the day. Most of the times, several environmental triggers are at play. In this age of media bombardment, its quite natural to be vulnerable to the temptations which arises when we happen to pass by a popular roadside eatery, bakery or patisserie and the lingering aromas of delicious baked goodies captivates our senses. There are other times when we find ourselves mentally hankering for desserts or junk foods even when we have just completed having a filling meal. Giving in to food cravings can wreck havoc in an aspirant’s fitness journey who is sincerely striving to lose weight & improve overall health.

Several research studies carried out on the dealings of man with food, have found how the mind & brain gets us caught in food traps set as a result of external cues. Food cravings can be for sweets, chocolates, fried foods, baked foods or delicious, mouth watering desserts. Research studies on food cravings have established that they arise due to the activation of specific areas of the brain which are responsible for sensing pleasure & for recollecting memories of previous pleasant experiences related to food. The pleasure derived from food indulgences & their memories gives rise to repeated food cravings. Blocking the receptors in these areas of the brain through medications to curb food cravings has been an emerging field of intervention.

Other smart ways for dealing with food cravings and tricking our minds into eating healthy can be done through the following strategies :

  • Identify The Trigger & Avoid Them

Triggers for food cravings can range from physiological factors, emotional breakdown or environmental stimulation. Introspect for a moment when your mind demands for these urges to be satisfied, whether you are actually feeling hungry at that moment. If its not a hunger cue, then its definitely the mind’s trap. Try avoiding environmental triggers by changing regular routes of travel, emotional triggers can be handled by spending time with a close friend or dear one.

  • Distract Yourself From Food

When you feel the food cravings going strong, try going for a short walk or read a good book or indulge in your favorite hobby or find something more absorbing to engage in, and you will find that the cravings are fleeting and they shall subside as soon as you engage your mind in something more constructive.

  • De-Stress Yourself

Stress often is responsible for increasing food cravings since hormones secreted as a result of physiological stress often increase appetite by decreasing blood sugar levels. Try self relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises and calm your mind with positive thoughts when faced with difficult situations.

  • Avoid Getting Extremely Hungry By Planning Meals Smartly

Its necessary to ensure that we plan our meals smartly avoiding large time gaps in between during the day, to curb those surging food cravings. Plan timely, regular, small meals which shall keep you full and protect you from the haunting food cravings.

  • Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is extremely essential since it provides our body the optimum rejuvenation it requires after slogging for the entire day. Prolonged hours of sleep deprivation causes the body to binge on sugar & fat rich foods as a compensation to keep itself going through those sleep deprived hours.

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