Role of homeopathy in pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a important stage in the life of a women. A new life is coming in this world. And everybody is excited about it! Right from the to be Mummy and Papa, the grandparents, and the whole neighbourhood. So as a routine thing when the married women misses her periods, The women goes to … Continue reading Role of homeopathy in pregnancy.

Autism Rainbow

"Autism, like a rainbow, has a bright side and a dark side and even though it can mean rough weather, it can be beautiful." -Stuart Duncan Autism is a complex neuro-behavioural disorder that includes impairment in social interaction.Because of the range of symptoms this is also called as autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism have … Continue reading Autism Rainbow

Behaviour Problems In Children And Homeopathy

What are behaviour problems in children? ...Children like every individual haves emotions Affection, Love, Hate, Fear, Anxiety, Timidity, Defiance children express their emotions by weeping, laughing, throwing tantrum and by various gestures. However, when these expression situation it causes problems not only to child but also for environment. Behaviour problems includes ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity … Continue reading Behaviour Problems In Children And Homeopathy


Today’s generation likes to call themselves ”millennial,” they are the “gadget”  generation! Because there is competition in every field since the child enters the kindergarden! Everyone wants to be first and wants success in every field!  So in order to overcome such situations, children are required to work hard.  But working hard isn’t enough,as not … Continue reading HOW TO OVERCOME EXAMINATION FEAR?

Molluscum- Homeopathic Healing

A 3 years male child visited with mother white pearly eruptions (Molluscum) on face, chest, and hands since 5 months. He also gets recurrent Upper respiratory tract infections (URTI) whenever he is exposed to cold air and when season changes. He has a past history of Left ear’s tympanic membrane perforation and complains of pain … Continue reading Molluscum- Homeopathic Healing