A Case of Lachesis

By Drs Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah A 30 years female came with c/o excessive hair growth, acne and weight gain. Recently she has taken hormonal treatment and had a missed abortion. The hair growth has increased tremendously since then. The hair is coarse, dark and on unwanted areas like breast, chin, abdomen. She also … Continue reading A Case of Lachesis

A Case of Venus Mercenaria

By Dr. Reni Shah Sharing a case of Venus, this patient is wit me since almost 15-18 yrs. Extremely dependent and very very anxious. A widow with no children, I was giving her kali bi for many years and she would improve too. As her house went under redevelopment she shifted to Borivali but never … Continue reading A Case of Venus Mercenaria

A Case of Conchiolinum

By Dr. Prachi Karandikar A 16 yrs old female came to me for –• Red rashes on her forearms bilaterally since 2 years• Irregular menses – puberty was late at 15. H/O ovarian cyst operated• Hirutism noted, excessive body hair noted• Sun haedaches , as if something pushing down, as if something pulling. Something insidetries … Continue reading A Case of Conchiolinum