Accidents & Injuries in Pets- Can Homeopathy Help?

So, I live in this relatively quiet lane of Mumbai, India. And while I say relatively quiet there are plenty of cars from the many residents of this lane and there are many stray dogs living here with these human residents.

While the dog lovers ensure these strays are well fed and drink a lot of milk, there are some unfortunate innocent accidents with this ever growing dog family.

Once, on a late night some friends had come over to meet us. While parking the car, my friend unknowingly went too close to a bunch of puppies cuddling with their mumma dog. My friend was extremely petrified and guilty as the way this bunch started barking and moaning it felt one of them was severely injured. We saw the pup limp but the mother dog was so protective she wouldn’t let any of us come close to the pup and help. There was no way to try homeopathy too. Dogs can get very territorial!

A couple of hours passed and we were sure the pup had fractured the limb. The aggressive barking and shrieking tapered and they seem to settle. As it was pass midnight nothing could be done, no NGOs or vets were available.

Next day while on my way to clinic I saw the pup shivering and sitting under a tree with her siblings. The neighbor confirmed the pup was barely able to move. She did not allow any of us to go near her. In the evening my friend was able to take the pup to a vet, the vet examined and confirmed there was no fracture… “the pup was only too scared” said the Vet.

Our Homeopathic antennas arose.

The pup received Aconite for first few days followed by Arnica and recovered within a week.

“Fear of fright remains”
“Acute shock”

Also Arnica not just because of injury but also “fear did not want anyone to approach her”. A very typical presentation of Arnica.

Homeopathy can be great help whether there is a perceived injury or an actual accident. We have helped several stray dogs and puppies with Homeopathy. Our regular clients use Homeopathy for their pets at home for any minor injuries. Also, if your pet is undergoing a surgery, a homeopathic supplement can help in the recovery.

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