A Case of Venus Mercenaria

By Dr. Reni Shah

Sharing a case of Venus, this patient is wit me since almost 15-18 yrs.

Extremely dependent and very very anxious.

A widow with no children, I was giving her kali bi for many years and she would improve too.

As her house went under redevelopment she shifted to Borivali but never stopped treatment, hardly came to meet for 6-7 yrs, but always kept her medicines in stalk.

Always anxious if I m on leave or unavailable.

When she shifted back to Vile Parle developed bleeding per vagina, as her periods has stopped long back I advised her USG, she was extremely reluctant to do as v anxious about the outcome. She had complete prolapse of uterus which she never told me!

She had to undergo surgery and her BP increased out of anxiety. After surgery she developed severe oedema feet not going with any medicines. This time I gave her Venus M, she started improving, even her BP came to normal and stopped all allopathic treatment.

She still continue my medicines and doing much better, corona time her anxiety increased again which settled with Venus.


This patient I knew since many year, extremely anxious, fear of disease, fear of visiting doctors, for any trivial or major problem she insisted I should give medicines. Never visited dentist for any of her problem, just stick to me. So I always thought of kali for her, gave different Kalis but than her acute cold always settled with Kali Bi so I continued it.

When I came to know about this severe prolapse again indicated fear of going to doctors and surgery. Always felt what her relatives would feel if she needed any help. Hiding her complaints, postponing inspite of being so anxious.

I learnt from Dr Gandhi’s session about mollusk in detailed, before that never understood them. Calcarea type but invertebrates, and than this edema feet, venous stasis is a very marked symptom in mollusk esp Venus M.

So on this understanding I gave her the remedy, not only oedema feet went away but also the hypertension, she was on 2 medicines, initially I stopped one and then tapered off the 2nd too.

We have many patients coming with non specific oedema feet, especially elderly people, this and other mollusk will be very useful. I have another patient with oedema feet, who has responded very well to another mollusk.

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