A Case of Lachesis

By Drs Prajakta Vaidya & Preety Shah

A 30 years female came with c/o excessive hair growth, acne and weight gain. Recently she has taken hormonal treatment and had a missed abortion. The hair growth has increased tremendously since then. The hair is coarse, dark and on unwanted areas like breast, chin, abdomen. She also has complaints of weight gain since last few months. Weight gain is gradual since the hormonal pills. She also complained of weakness on exertion. She is not able to do her workout, and also daily activities. She feels very lethargic even to do daily chores.
Acne is recurrent, comes almost every 3 -4 days. They are big boils filled with pus and are painful. They generally appear before her menses. They are punched out and leave marks. They make her very stressed as she is very concerned about her looks.
Her Blood tests showed high levels of Dihydrotestosterone (485) when she came to us.
She recently had a missed abortion for which she has been prescribed lot of hormonal injections and medicines and she was only on bed rest. The whole duration of these months were perceived as injury or trauma to mind and body by the patient. And she is now consciously alert that something will happen to her. She expresses “ALERT” in every situation and especially if she think she will have to take more medications.
She also described how she experienced negativity from her mother-in-law (MIL). She senses that she will say something or taunt her anytime. She doesn’t want to give her a chance to speak about her. She is the one whom she doesn’t want to face or talk to. Patient says “Her attitude is to make me feel inferior”. She feels very revengeful towards her MIL but can’t express this as she doesn’t feel strong. Her reaction is to escape at that moment but her mind always revolves around how she can take revenge whenever possible and she waits for the right opportunity. Her relation with her husband is good but she mentions they both have separate lifes. She is completely opposite to him. She loves and enjoys talking and he is very shy. She can live with him because she has her own freedom and he doesn’t restrict her in anything.
She has tremendous fear of snakes. She is always conscious about them. She mentions they run all the time on her mind. She is scared of them coming from anywhere and attacking her. She dreams of snakes too. In dreams they are pursuing or biting and causing harm.
She likes to do new activities daily. She gets bored of routine very fast. She wants to do new adventurous activities.
Her looks matter a lot to her. She wants to wear the best of clothes every day. She loves to dress differently than others and be the center of attraction when people talk about it. She feels jealous if somebody wears more stylish clothes than her or is looking more beautiful than her in a party or get-to-together.
She works for a real estate agency. She feels the best quality of her is how fluently and manipulatively she talks to her clients and how they are convinced by her. She can talk on phone continuously for long time and doesn’t get tired at all (Observation: jumps from one subject to other, She is very loud, vivacious) She loves to be in family and social functions, very good in maintaining relationships.
She described her anger as being very sudden and feels uncontrollable as if she is under the influence of some other power. She expresses it most of the time in front of her husband. It is often for those who have offended her.
Physical Generals
Thermals: hot
Sleep: She is very alert in sleep, has fears of snakes at night. She wakes up a lot due to this fear.
Dreams: Snakes pursuing her. She fears them a lot in her sleep.
·       Regular
·       Black, scanty.
·       > with flow commences
·       Abdominal pain.
Observation: loud, vivacious, jesting.
As patient narrated about her issues of pregnancy, her mother-in-law, her relationships. It is perceived as if somebody is doing something to her. So we come to the idea of victim and aggressor.
Her mother-in-law or her situations of life are perceived as a competitor for her own self.
Her perception about her situation is that she is at disadvantage or powerless in front of them and never wants to confront them but to take revenge whenever she gets an opportunity.
With this we come to reptile group.
With tremendous amount of fear for snakes, in her conscious mind, subconscious mind (dreams), her deceptive behavior, planning and plotting of revenge themes lead us to suborder Serpents (snakes)
Patient senses threat all the time, of sudden danger, attack, and her mode of response is to never confront the opponent face to face. The patient always wants to be in company and her feeling of powerlessness and being small in front of others confirms it to family Crotlaline
In the case the main issue is Jealousy, or how to get better than a rival. It is a situation of someone who has to compete against a person with better qualities. The survival is dependent on her being one level up then her rival, she does this with her clever, manipulative talks. With her loquacity she is able to attract and retain the attention of her listeners.
Lachesis 1m 1 dose.
Follow u:
After 15 days
She did not experience new boils in the past 15 days. Her oiliness of skin has reduced. Patient had peaceful sleep. She did not observe any disturbances in pattern. She felt energetic and her lethargy was also reduced.
After 1 month.
Menses were on time in this cycle. No boils in last month as well. Her weight started dropping along with the diet changes that she is now able to implement. She felt more peaceful and her perception started altering towards her mother-in-law. She finds her more compassionate and helpful. Her relationship with husband has improved, she felt more connected to him.
Sleep became sounder and scary dreams reduced. Her constant fear of snakes started reducing to great extent. She felt happy for no reason.
After 3 months
DHEA levels reduced and are now within normal range. Patient started feeling better in her physical generals.
Physically she became more active, acne reduced and her metabolism boosted.
After 6 months
She continued to feel better. DHEA levels were maintained in normal range.
Her fears, her revengeful thoughts reduced tremendously, she became more happy and peaceful after the course of medicines.

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