A Case of Conchiolinum

By Dr. Prachi Karandikar

A 16 yrs old female came to me for –
• Red rashes on her forearms bilaterally since 2 years
• Irregular menses – puberty was late at 15. H/O ovarian cyst operated
• Hirutism noted, excessive body hair noted
• Sun haedaches , as if something pushing down, as if something pulling. Something inside
tries to push out
• Sinusitis off and on

She is a fair, tall and plump, cheeky girl. She is a likes to in people, but only the known ones. She says
my friends don’t open up my things to others. Loves fun and entertainment. She loves music and
dance. Learns Bharatnatyam.

In studies, maths was always difficult, so in child procrastinate doing it. But when she came to
9thstd, she realised she cant understand. She realised basics were not understood by her. So used to
become very nervous before maths exam. Even before one week, she would start feeling nervous
and feared what questions would come in paper, what if challenging questions are asked, and that
she will not be able to solve any of those. So couldn’t study maths and just was very tensed. She says
this anxiety causes me scared about my future, as to which university will I get.
Her experience when tensed – everything coming together in the chest and pulling in. when surprise
exam declared, she felt pulling in chest and stomach and later changes to head. Then she cant sleep.
She said she was good in other subjects but hated maths. She wanted extra support from teachers.
She said she was pushed by teachers for maths. They should teach me from basics, its their
responsibility. No support at all from school. Also teachers are not trusting me. I felt I was not
capable of learning maths. Teachers complained to her mom. But mom was supportive. Teacher
should teach her everything from basics if she asks difficulties. This extra support she wasn’t getting
from teachers. So she hated teachers and was angry with them. She wanted to leave the school and
wanted HOME SCHOOLING, and wanted to learn from mother. When asked to describe this – she
said mother definitely can repeat as many times as she wants to teach her. Afterall mother is caring
and loves me and will teach me by knowing my needs and can be available for me always, as mother
has unconditional love for her child. I found a solution for this problem by taking tutions from an
uncle who gave me extra support, he constantly taught me, he made my maths easier. So now I
don’t HOLD ON.
She said HOME is a safe space, where you can be what and how you are, where I am not judged, I
can be myself, I am accepted, I am not compared, where one can trust, comfort zone, where there is
no challenge
Her life dream is to start an orphanage, old age home.
Experience in the hobby of Bharatnatyam dancing – There is internal push which is natural. Nothing
external affects you. What is that internal – something existing inside you. Situated inside you. Like
inner surface of something. Its there but visible. Its deep down. But you experience it. At this place
deep inside it is very natural. It is existing, not like something man made. U cant see it but fel it. A
change happens inside, not related to external.it has true essence. Something like god gifted.
How is it possible to experience it — no, you are living in it.
How is that experience of living in it – its comforting, like been there for ever.
Whats opposite of this – crowded place, lot of chatter, everything structural around.
Dream – Flaoting in the sea, don’t know where I am going. No human being , I felt neutral. No care
about the world.
Fears – darkness and being alone- like ghost coming and someone watching me. Someone will kill
me. So I sleep with my mom.
Thermals – doesn’t like too hot or too cold.
Sweating – on upper lip
Cravings- sweets before and during menses.
Aversion – capsicum


Animal kingdom——Me Vs You see with teachers. Also in fears, someone like ghost will kill me.
Molluscs –
Inside—outside, interior – exterior, open and close. Inside is safe and cozy
Needs protection , extra support by something, needs safe space. Defence is to go in the shell.
My world and he other world
Dangerous outside
Pulling in. bunching in, coming together.
Holding on
Sensitive to trust breaking
Shell is the home for molluscs- bivalves
No movement seen in bivalves. Only protection is the shell as don’t move. So hide, withdraw, going
in, closing in shell for defence.

Inner most layer secrets shiny lustrous proteinous layer
Shell helps in burrowing and anchoring to floor
Mother covers up . Mother protects unconditionally.
Deeply shut when abused,
Embarrassment from others
Stay in shell and feel safe
As if in the womb
Defense is retraction and closing.
No claustrophobia is not seen in this case at all. She feels safe inside.
Developed than Column 1 of Molluscs but survival is by being in the womb. Don’t want to open.
Want to stay in the shell.
Bone affections.
Parts extremely sensitive.
Many features like Calc carb but the source description and animal kingdom helped me to

Follow up –
• The rash on forearms disappeared in 3 months.
• Hirsutism is not much changed.
• Menses are coming regularly.
• Sun headaches are much reduced in intensity and frequency.
• Most importantly, she doesn’t feel a need for extra support as told by her mother. She can
sleep alone now. Less tensed for maths exams now.

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