Meditation Tips for Beginners

Are there set times and places to meditate? Any prerequisites? How to choose the right method? I am writing the this blog to help answer some of these common questions most beginners in meditation and souls who join us on “Karvaan” ask. So, here goes:

  1. Preparing for meditation: Just like you prepare to go for a workout or go on a date or visit a temple, it is important to prepare for meditation. Make sure you are wearing comfortable breathable clothes, freshen up- take a shower or wash your face (a little cleansing process) before entering your sacred inner space. This often sets the stage. Also, use the washroom before you start your practice, this is a no brainer, but this helps your mind to relax and instead of focusing on the bladder during the process🙂  It is also important to prepare yourself psychologically. It is important that you don’t meditate with some goal or desire or any expectation. The whole secret is to allow the process to unfold. Wanting something to happen is the surest way to prevent it happening. Just be content to enjoy the time of meditation in itself, for itself, for the time your removed and spent with yourself. Results will come, but only if you’re not demanding that they do. Create a climate of receptivity, openness and relaxation.
  2. Minimize Disturbances: Make sure you’re not disturbed. Find a space where you can be with yourself. A separate room, a space in your balcony or terrace or a corner in the park are ideal. Make sure your phone is switched off, or on silent mode and there aren’t people coming and going in your room.  Please note this said, the noises outside your door or house  such as the television roaring next door or the cars honking or birds chirping should not be disturbing, you can include them in your meditation by simply watching.  
  3. Where to meditate? Many meditative techniques, such as watching the breath, can be practiced anywhere at any time – in the garden, while travelling in the bus or in bed. But, as a beginners it is important you find a space in your house or surrounding which has minimal disturbance (as point 2 above). It often helps to create a space which is sacred in your house. A spot where you meditate daily. It could be a corner or a chair or a cushion in which you can meditate on daily. Add a cushion, seat, mat not just for comfort and posture, but also something that helps you retain your meditation energy. Do not use this space or cushion or mat for anything else or share with anyone else. Slowly you will see the space builds up in energy and often facilitates your meditation. The energy field is tremendous. Additionally, ofcourse a little ambience helps – some flowers or incense or candles or even dim/yellow lights. These are however, not mandatory.
  4. Posture? This is dependent on the type or form of meditation you are choosing to do. But, in general, if you are sitting- ensure your spine is erect. Relaxed, but straight. Most urban folks slouch due to poor lifestyle habits, so in the beginning this might be difficult. So take a back support (use a wall if you like) but have the spine straight helps the flow of energy. If you are able to site in a Lotus posture, perfect, if not keeping your legs straight on the floor, sitting on a chair is fine as well. Another, essential tip is to realize your jaws are not tight. Keep your jaw relaxed, and tongue on the roof of your upper palate. This helps in centering as well.
  5. How To Choose a Method? Experiment with different techniques that appeal to you. There is nothing sacrosanct about meditative methods, they are practical means to access your natural, inherent quality.  Playfully experiment with different methods, and choose the one that strikes a chord within.
  6. Consistency? Like everything else in life, consistency is essential in meditation. However, meditation is not an exercise – mental, physical or spiritual. So, be easy on yourself. Somedays it comes naturally while others it may not. And it’s okay. Be easy, spontaneous and natural. Meditation is not the technique you do, it is every living moment of your life.

So, feel ready to dive in and join the bandwagon? Join us for our regular meditation classes on weekdays and special meditation intensive workshops over the weekends called “Karvaan” You can find more information on

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