Yoga: Bridge between Perishable body and Spiritual journey.


In my busy practice of homeopathy I chose to study and get trained in Yoga. To my notice I saw yoga is just like homeopathy. Homeopathy is based on 2 important principles of Individualisation and Holism. Where every individual has its own medicine even suffering from the same disease and homeopathy considers an individual as a whole to bring the harmony back at the level of body, mind and soul. It’s exactly same like yoga, It’s not just doing many asana, or touching to the toes, but its finding your own Asana, understanding your individual alignment of body. And that asana which fulfils the patanjali definition of Yoga, sukhama sthiram asanam, The asana in which you can sit comfortably for long time to bring harmony at the body, mind and soul. So yoga kept pulling me towards its power.


Living in a fast paced society can sometimes feel like being enveloped in a tumultuous! Your body runs on autopilot, your feet longing to touch the ground, and all of this while your mind tries desperately to keep up with information overload!

If we were to imagine body, mind and soul as being separate parts of the whole, ideally they’d link arms and travel the uneven terrain of life at the same pace in harmony, no matter what may come along the way; strength in unity as they say! Yet all too often the mind is racing way ahead, the body doing its best to keep up, with the soul lagging even further behind just trying to be heard!

I believe that the greatest beauty in life is held within time that passes.  Time is beauty because it holds all the stories of our lives that often lead us towards a journey of self- discovery, and for me, like many, that journey is yoga!

Yoga offers so much and I was pulled by its magical power to this wonderful practice for a multitude of reasons. I recall that my first encounter with yoga in my early twenties was purely physical. I didn’t seem to be able to connect with my mind to encounter those deeper qualities that came later for me in my practice, where I found myself yearning to understand the nature of reality and the untapped potential that resides in us all; but recently the experience while doing my 200 hours Teacher training course in YOGA, uncovered the bridge between the perishable body and my spiritual journey.

In between the flowing homeopathic practice, the mystic power of Yoga pulled me and I registered myself for a month duration Teacher training course. It was me time, learning yoga near the beach, amidst nature and with all my stranger batch mates.

One fine day, during one of the finishing asana, called Headstand, where you are turning yourself down and balancing on your crown. It was frightening in the start but that asana somehow touched my heart and I kept practicing it. And during practice some transformation happened. Suddenly my shoulder unburdened, my crown felt soothing on ground ,tears  started rolling down the eyes, I felt weightless and free.  Freedom to SELF. That moment mesmerized me and I dint come to know when time passed, I kept holding it for some time without fear of losing balance. Something changed in me. I couldn’t stop my tears. I felt awareness froze me to self-realization in that moment.

On returning home my life has changed! Tremendously.  I feel my experience to a fine piece of art or music – you see it, you hear it, you feel it– your senses are immersed in it but its true magic unfolds over time where all you want to do is share it with others! I will be forever grateful for the science of YOGA, which bridged my perishable body and my soul.

And my journey to help people to find their own ASANA started since then.

I have started conducting yoga sessions online. For more details you can visit or call us on 7304041836 /8433581011


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