Psoriasis and Treatment Approach

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder that causes normal skin cells to multiply up to 15-20 times faster than normal. This makes the skin build up into red raised patches covered with whitish-silver scales, that may itch or cause discomfort. Scales typically develop on joints, such as elbows and knees.
Autoimmune conditions are the result of the body attacking itself. In Psoriasis white blood cells known as t-cells mistakenly attack the healthy skin cells. In a normal body, t-cells defend the body from infections by attacking and destroying invading bacterias. But in Psoriasis instead of protecting the body from invaders, it attacks healthy skin cells promoting inflammation (warm, red skin areas) and also it speeds up the production of skin cells. i.e 5-6days rather than 28days, causing new cells to develop too quickly. Skin cells are then pushed to the skin surface where they pile up resulting in scales and thickening of the skin.
The cause for psoriasis is still not clear. Although there is a family history of the condition. Certain factors which trigger the onset of psoriasis include chronic infections, stress, climacteric and seasonal changes, alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity over exposure to sun, certain therapies (pain killers, antihypertensives and people with advanced HIV often exhibit Psoriasis.


The conventional method of treatment with systemic medicines like methotrexate, cyclosporine, retinoids, biologics, topical ointments containing corticosteroids and ultraviolet light therapy (phototherapy) is very well known. These methods do control the condition temporarily and relieve you symptomatically, but do not cure it completely, as the symptoms recur.
Psoriasis is triggered due to t-cells. These medicines have no role in changing the behavior of “t” cells. So, the disease continues to progress and comes back again and again. On the other hand in alternative treatment like homeopathy, a constitutional homeopathic treatment aims at the root cause of the disease the “t” cells i.e the immune system. Homeopathic treatment does not suppress the immune system rather renders it to its normal healthy condition. The symptoms of Psoriasis are the inadequate effort of the immune system to throw away the disease. The conventional treatment aims to remove these symptoms by suppressing the immune system for some time and allows the disease to progress freely inside. Whereby homeopathic medicines help to strengthen the immune system to initiate a stronger and adequate response to throw away the disease.

Other Skin, Diet & Lifestyle TIPS to be followed along with your treatment:

Skin Care:

  • Use moisturizer: After bathing, apply a heavy, ointment-based moisturizer while your skin is still moist. For very dry skin, use oil- coconut oil or olive oil is more effective at preventing water from evaporating from your skin.
  • Control itch: Stop scratching and picking. There’s no doubt about it, that itchy skin begs to be scratched. Yet scratching can tear open the skin, making way for infection causing bacteria. To make the situation worse, scratching may cause lesions to appear where they weren’t before. Moisturise instead of scratching. You can pat on the skin but do not rub or scratch. Apply a cold compress on the itchy skin.
  • Expose your skin to a small amount of sunlight: The sun’s ultraviolet rays can help fight your Psoriasis. Get some sun not too much sun. Avoid getting sunburned stick to 5 or 10 minutes a day and use sunscreen on spots without Psoriasis. You must constantly apply sunscreen when outside otherwise.
  • Wear light, loose clothing: Cotton and other lightweight fabrics are less likely to irritate the skin or cause you to overheat.
  • Humidifier: Excessive sweating during the summer can be a trigger on your scalp and face. However, cold air from air conditioners can also impact your Psoriasis. One way to solve this problem is by purchasing a humidifier
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known to be found effective in Psoriasis. Taken from the leaves of the aloe vera plant, aloe extract cream may reduce redness, scaling, itching and inflammation.
  • Take daily baths: It may sound funny, yet it is essential we stress. Bathing daily helps remove scales and calm inflamed skin. Add bath oils, bath salts to your bath. Avoid hot water and harsh soaps, instead use lukewarm water and mild soaps that have added oils and fats. Soak about 10 minutes then gently pat dry skin.
  • Go for a swim: Especially in summers, swimming in the sea can be beneficial, the combination of water and salt may help remove dead skin. Highly chlorinated pool water may cause irritation and dry skin after swimming it is recommended to take a shower to get rid of any chlorine, chemicals or salt. Also, after showering when drying with a towel it is always better “patting” instead of rubbing.


  • Take healthy diet avoid intake of saturated fat which found in meat and dairy products increase intake of proteins contain omega3 fatty acid.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and food that triggers psoriatic lesions
  • Vitamin-A is known as retinoids, are essential for the production of healthy skin cells, yellow and orange vegetables are often excellent sources of vitamin A.
  • Vitamin-D strengthens the immune system. It can slow the growth of new cells and can help thin the plaque. Both oral and topical vitamin-D preparations are known to improve Psoriasis symptoms

Essential oils soothe the inflamed skin and support the healing process.

  • Tea Tree oil- Using tea tree oil for psoriasis prevents infection, lowers inflammation and also stimulates the immune system to support skin health.
  • Lavender oil- Soothing and anti-inflammatory, soothes the skin, stimulates the formation and healing of the new skin.
  • Coconut oil-This is not an essential oil, but it fits well with base oil. Essential oils must necessarily be diluted in base oil before being applied to problem areas. Coconut oil has a very delicate anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

Lifestyle –Stress is a BIG contributing factor for psoriasis. And it can be a chicken and egg situation. Hence, it is important to work on your mental wellbeing.
At Healing Harmony we see several Psoriasis patients on a regular basis that are treated holistically with homeopathy, diet, yoga, meditation and counselling.


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