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Homoeopathy has been found one of the best holistic and safest treatments for many people. This has been found true for animals and plants as well. Veterinary homeopathy is safe, effective and powerful form of medicine.

Homeopathy has been used extensively in dogs too. Right from allergies to arthritis and from skin diseases to Spondylitis, dogs have been largely benefited with Homeopathy. Just as humans, the individualistic approach of homeopathy is applied for dogs as well and no two dogs are treated the exact same way for the same diseases.

The idea behind using homeopathy is to strengthen the immunity of the animals and to treat the disease from the roots.



Molly (name changed)  a female stray dog, who otherwise was a playful active dog, came to us with several complaints.

Her complaints were as follows:

Skin Rashes

Ringworm infection

Fearful of other dogs.

Fear of fire crackers

Fear of thunderstorm and rain.

Fear of Veterinary Doctor.

Poor digestion


Molly is an Indian stray dog who was otherwise very playful and active, suddenly became very quiet, reserved.

She had lack of confidence and courage.

She was frightened of other dogs.

Whenever there was a loud or a sudden noise like fire crackers or thunderstorm and rain, she would run to the bathroom and vomit and keep hiding there. Her fears were so pronounced that the family would go out of town during festival seasons prone to loud noises (Diwali, Ganpati etc.)

Her hysterectomy (uterus removed) was also done.

She also had fear of the veterinary doctors, going on elevators etc.

With fear she also used to lose her bladder control. In fear an odour would come from her body

Her digestion was poor.

She had skin rashes and ringworm infection which was very stubborn and was unresolved despite trying conventional medicines.



She was taking conventional treatment for 9 months, but there was no relief or changes in her state.

Then she was started on homoeopathic treatment since 4 – 5 months.



Borax* was given to her in different potencies at varying frequencies. She occassionally needed other homeopathic acute remedies.



Her state improved gradually. Her digestion improved. Her stubborn  skin complaints improved completely.

She is playful again.


Recent Follow Up:


“There were fire crackers and Molly did not get frightened. She kept sleeping in her bed and did not rush to hide in her usual place in the bathroom. Big Victory!”

She is still on her wellness journey and is getting better by the day.

This is the power of homoeopathy, which can treat even animals who can’t verbalize their pain or sufferings.

Choose gentle homeopathy for your pets. To schedule an appointment visit www.healingharmony.in


*Homeopathy is a holistic and individualistic school of medicine. Borax is an individual remedy based on the state of patient (this case Dog), it should not be given in all cases with these complaints. Please consult a homeopathic physician



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