Coronavirus: Do Not Panic


Let us avoid the “panic” around “Coronavirus’

It is important to understand that the Coronavirus is not new – it’s been around for more than 50 years. It simply changes/mutates, as all living viruses/pathogens because it wants to survive.

Common hygiene to follow:

  • ‌Washing hands with soap
  • ‌Covering your mouth when coughing/sneezing
  • ‌Being in isolation if you have a cold/cough
  • ‌Getting proper rest
  • ‌Eating nutritious foods
  • ‌Focusing on mental wellness.

Homeopathy not only helps in cure but also in prevention. It has been effectively working with body, promoting its natural desire to be well .

If you are under our homeopathic treatment, we will add any prophylactic booster medicines if needed during your regular follow-up. If upon evaluation we assess your immunity is going strong we may not need to add any new medication while you are under our supervision other than your ongoing constitutional homeopathic treatment.

If you are not our client would like to reach us for a prophylaxis/prevention call us on +918433581011/ +917304041836 or visit our website

If you have fever with/without difficulty in breathing don’t succumb to fear, reach out to an expert near you 🙏

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