Learning Disabilities In Children


What is Learning Disability?

Learning disability is a neurological disorder. It is a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities for example household tasks, socialising or managing money which affects someone for their whole life. In simple terms, a learning disability results from a difference in the way a person’s brain is “wired.” Children with learning disabilities are as smart or smarter than their peers. But they may have difficulty reading, writing, spelling, reasoning, recalling and/or organising information if left to figure things out by themselves or if taught in conventional way. With the right support and intervention, however, children with learning disabilities can succeed in school and go on to successful, often distinguished careers later in life. Parents can help children with learning disabilities achieve such success by encouraging their strengths, knowing their weaknesses, understanding the educational system, working with professionals and learning about strategies for dealing with specific difficulties.

Common Types of Learning Disability

1)Dyslexia -Difficulty with the reading ,problems reading ,writing,spelling,speaking

2)Dyscalculia – Difficulty with math, Problems doing math problems, understanding time,  using money

3)Dysgraphia- difficulty with writing ,problems with handwriting ,spelling,organising ideas 

4)Dyspraxia- Difficulty with fine motor skills ,problems with hand eyes coordination,balance ,manual dexty wierity

5)Dysphasia/Aphasia- Difficulty with language ,problems understanding spoken language,poor reading comprehension

6)Auditory processing Disorder- Difficulty hearing difference between sounds, problems with reading ,comprehension,language

7)Visual Processing Disorder – Difficulty interpreting visual information,problems with reading, maths, maps charts symbols, pictures.

Causes of Learning Disability

Genetic influence: Experts have noticed that learning disabilities tend to run in families and they think that heredity could play a role. However, researchers are still debating whether learning disabilities are, in fact, genetic, or if they show up in families because kids learn and model what their parents 

Brain development: Some experts think that learning disabilities can be traced to brain development, both before and after birth. For this reason, problems such as low birth weight, lack of oxygen, or premature birth may have something to do with learning disabilities. Young children who receive head injuries may also be at risk of developing learning disability

Environmental Impact:Infants and young kids are susceptible to environmental toxins (poisons). For example, you may have heard how lead (which can be found in some old homes in the form of lead paint or lead water pipes) is sometimes thought to contribute to learning disabilities. Poor nutrition early in life also may lead to learning disabilities later in life.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Difficulty in pronouncing words
  • Trouble finding the right word 
  • Difficulty rhyming 
  • Trouble learning the alphabet, 
  • Problems numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week 
  • Difficulty following directions or learning routines
  • Difficulty controlling crayons, pencils, and scissors, or coloring within the lines 
  • Trouble with buttons, zippers, snaps, learning to tie shoes
  • Trouble learning the connection between letters and sounds 
  • Unable to blend sounds to make words 
  • Confuses basic words when reading 
  • Slow to learn new skills 
  • Consistently misspells words and makes frequency
  • Trouble with open-ended test questions and word problems
  •  Poor handwriting/ Poor organizational skills (bedroom, homework, desk is messy and disorganized) 

Healing Harmony approach of  Treatment

We at Healing Harmony work holistically with children where a clinical Psychologist and Homeopath work with each child for diagnosis ,treatment and tracking progress .we also add supplementary therapies of art and meditation to help your child combat the mental pressures of having  Learning Disability.

Homeopathic intervention when combined with standard remedial education has a definite role in bringing about an early change in all parameters of Learning disability. It also assists in bringing about a change in treating the co-morbid conditions, commonly Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD). The beauty of homeopathy is that all of these concerns will be addressed at the same time by a single homeopathic medicine. Within  couple of months of finding the right homeopathic medicine, you will notice concrete changes in your child

You can contact us for more information or/  book an appointment or visit us at www.healingharmony.in OR contact  us on +918433581011//022-28893347// + 9173040412836  info@healingharmony

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