Today’s generation likes to call themselves ”millennial,” they are the “gadget”  generation!

Because there is competition in every field since the child enters the kindergarden! Everyone wants to be first and wants success in every field!  So in order to overcome such situations, children are required to work hard.  But working hard isn’t enough,as not everyone gets the expected results.You may ask WHY, the answer is not so difficult.. because the expectations are tooooo high. Expectations from parents, peers,  teachers,friends, SELF there is a lot of ambitions for  success,fame,money,position and we  face many more  mental health problems rather than physical.

What is examination fear?

Everybody has some fear, but examination fear is the difficulty in facing a situation, handling it and overcoming it..Most students are able to overcome this fear easily, but  for some, it may be more difficult and leads to



3)lack of confidence

4)lack of concentration

This may be manifested  as  stomach pain  , vomiting ,headache , diarrhoea, sweating, palpitation,  trembling etc.

In most of the cases,examination fear arises  due to lack of preparation , low motivational levels and above all high expectations from the child’s environment


So how to overcome this

  • Counselling  from parents and teachers and   “in severe cases “ with clinical counsellor
  • Yoga and meditation helps can helps to come anxiety/stress
  • Diet is required during examination periods
  • Adequate   Sleep
  • And there is major role of  HOMEOPATHY

Homeopathy plays an important role to overcome, handle and face such situations;There are many drugs in homeopathy which reduce anxiety.The right homeopathic remedy create wonders  and not just helps your child deal with this particular examination fear but improves his/her overall confidence and ability to deal with life and  overall wellbeing. Plus there are no side effects and becomes the best choice of medicine for CHIDREN!


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