May be next time?

There is always a next time, we tell ourselves. And we tell this to ourselves time and again. EVERYTIME.

Until we realize that the next time never really comes!

Is this laziness or procrastination? I choose to think that this is more than just that…It is our conditioning, really. Conditioning that TOMORROW will come. Our tendency to live in the illusion that there WILL be a tomorrow.

It is our way of life. Of living in the future. Today is not the perfect time, we say to ourselves OR promise ourselves I will definitely do this tomorrow.. be it starting our yoga practice OR skipping the deep fried chips OR deciding to quit the job we don’t like doing OR taking the first step to making our dream come true.

Tomorrow I will be happy,

Tomorrow I will remove time for myself,

Tomorrow I will be a better MAN!

I am sorry, but I have to break the bad news to you. There is no TOMORROW, There is no NEXT TIME. The only time we have is NOW.

And its really NOW or NEVER…

So, if there is something you really want to do, with all your heart and soul – JUST DO IT! Don’t push it to next time or tomorrow. And if you are pushing it, that only means -You dont really want to do it OR worst still you are living in the illusion trap of TOMORROW.


Prajakta has organized the next edition of Karvaan on 22-24th Feb and I know a lot of my friends, colleagues, family and patients who have asked me for the next Karvaan dates. Leaves us speechless. Honestly, we dont have the next dates. SUMMER is almost here which means our chances of being in open farms are going to be bleak with temperatures soaring so high.

So now is the time my friend, take the leap.

Karvaan:  You may call it a holiday, a workshop, a retreat, or an adventure, but at the center of it, it is an unwinding focused to lead you on a journey of self-discovery to help you enable wholeness within yourselves. It is a holistic amalgamation of various healing techniques both time tested and contemporary. The program’s aim is to bring harmony & health on all levels-body, mind & soul in a colorful, playful & practical way.

To register for Karvaan:


Testimonies of past participants: H2 -Youtube channel

To know more about us Healing Harmony. If you found this blog interesting, you may also want to read Picture Perfect OR Survival: No Problem







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