Survival: No Problem

Screen-Shot-2016-07-08-at-1.56.26-PM-300x166It has been some 2.5 million years since first stone tools were developed. Since then man has survived the evolutionary test- the rain, the storm, the dinosaurs and even each other! We are on the top of the food chain in just a few millennia..and whether we believe it or not, we are in one of the most peaceful times our species has been! While we see all the hate, oil & religious wars and nuclear weapons, the truth is we are not barbarians like our ancestors.

For most of us survival is no longer an issue. Roti, Kapda, Makaan comes to us fairly easy. Okay, considered the 8-10 hours of donkey work and minus the bling of luxury in return.

For this category of “most of us”, the issue is not survival, it is the quest of life.

Life- how does it look? 

The purpose of working donkeys,  eating, sleeping and defecating what we ate last night the next day. REPEAT. Day after day, everyday.

And in my opinion,  this quality of asking the why, this pursuit of happiness makes us humans, isn’t it?

We all live fragmented lives. We have a piece of us in our desires, a piece at work, a piece in unfulfilled wishes, a piece in our dreams, a piece with wanting to be the ideal  son and a piece in competing… It’s a rat race – every where. And while some of us are able to step out of the race, we still dont stop being the “rats”! And so life goes on.. in this “REPEAT” mode.

And hence, we designed “Karvaan”…a journey, keeping  this “most of us” in mind. It is a journey to dwell deep into this “WHY”.  It is a journey away from the concrete in the woods, where you hear the river flowing and the birds chirping.  It is a journey from fragments to whole.

Using nature as a catalyst, this 2 day workshop a.k.a holiday is designed to change your life for better. We will use various techniques of healing, music, dance and meditation to re-invent ourselves.  It is a holiday which will not only give you perfect pictures for your social media but perfect pictures of your “true self”

One more year is about to pass, new year bash will be over soon and once the hangover is gone, you will again come face to face with this “WHY”… I encourage you to press RESET instead of REPEAT this time around.

To hop onto this bus book your tickets here Karvaan

For more details and booking, write to us on
or give a call on +91 8433581011 or +91 7710947720 or +91 9773526224

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