Karvaan- A journey

Karvaan 3

Whether you work in a demanding corporate or own a taxing business or run the show at home or are a student groping in the dark. We all have long days, stress, and errands that can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. It’s no surprise that we’re facing increasing demands on our time —both at work and home. Healthy holiday retreats are more popular now than ever. Travelers now use their holiday time wisely, embarking on health and wellness getaways so they can return to their hectic everyday lives feeling utterly restored.

Yoga, Breath work, meditation, sound healing, engaging workshops, healthy food, undisturbed sleep, lots of ‘me’ time at an amazing Zen location. What better way to bring in 2019?! We at Karvaan strive to build an experience of travel, journey, and destination in a holistic manner.

Karvaan is being conducted in a rural-wild set-up which provides a unique opportunity to connect us more deeply with the nature and ourselves. In addition, when we are simply be present in the vitality and beauty of this kind of wild, synergistic environment, something profound is activated within us. Our minds quiet down, our senses become more fully awake, and we are able to connect more deeply to our true human nature and the world around us.

Program Details:  14-16th Dec, Mandangarh- Maharashtra

Program Includes

  • Awareness on concepts of Holism
  • Individual Health Assessment
  • Camping | Hiking (Grade- Mild)
  • T3 Yoga & Breath Work (Level- Basic)
  • Various Meditation Techniques that are simple, practical & most importantly FUN.
  • Tunezero & Sound Healing
  • Emotional Detox
  • Dance Movement
  • Power of 5 – elements
  • Practical tips for implementation in Real-World
  • Group discussions
  • Understanding Food- its relation with body & mind. The food served will be Satvik and help you in detoxifying. You will also participate in cooking a healthy meal.

For more details and booking, drop a mail at info@healingharmony.in or give a call on +91 8433581011 or +91 7710947720 or +91 9773526224

Pricing: As an introductory offer, you can book your seat for Rs.15,499/-  Rs.9900/- .

Contact us for offers on group booking of 5 or more slots together 🙂


⭐ Travel from Mumbai – Mandanghar – Mumbai
⭐ Tent accommodation on twin sharing basis.
⭐ 8 Vegetarian healthy meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner on 14th and 15th Dec; Breakfast and Lunch on 16th Dec)
⭐ Yoga, Meditation, Mental & Physical Detox, Group Activities, Hike
⭐ Creative Outlet Workshop material and expertise.
⭐Coaching program post the program. So, you are equipped & able to implement the learning back home!


🛑 Any personal expenses such as snacks, extra travel etc.
🛑 Yoga mat
To know more and register log on to Karvaan
To know more about the venue click on Moksha

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