World Diabetes Day


14th November as we all know is celebrated as World Diabetes day, a disease which is rapidly growing in India. India has the highest number of diabetic cases in the world. In short India is the Diabetic capital of the world.  Two important factors that contribute to such high number of cases are unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. The unhealthy eating part gets even worse during the festive season in India and Diwali is one such example. One of the most popular festival, it is the festival of lights, crackers and SWEETS.

Can you imagine Diwali without Kaju katli?

Any food prepared in Diwali is either sweet or deep fried. Indulging in little of it is ok, but can we ever resist the temptation of Kaju katli after that single piece?

These unhealthy eating habits precisely make us more vulnerable to diabetes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Diwali and Diabetes go like Hand in Glove.

Now that Diwali is over, it’s time that we stop feeling guilty over our diwali indulgence. It’s time we do something to get those uneven sugar levels back to normal. Following tips will surely help a diabetic as well as a non-diabetic person to keep the sugar levels and the disease in check.

Tips to maintain Sugars Post Diwali

  1. Add a functional food in the diet:

Functional foods are a health giving additives. Adding them would help one have positives effects on health. Few of the functional foods for diabetic include- soaked methi seeds, Cinnamon powder, karela, jamun juice etc. Consult a dietitian before taking it for the doses.

  1. Fulfil your cravings with home-made sweets:

Eating sweets in Diwali was compulsory as we cannot deny a Prasad served at temple same goes with sweets during diwali.

We also know cutting sweets completely post diwali is also not possible. But we can do that by making home cooked sweets using coconut sugar, organic jaggery, dates, nuts, multi-grain flour.

  1. Choose your portion wisely:

Being a festive season we have had meals which were oily, spicy and sweet. Along with portion size we need to check the ingredients present in portion size. Make sure there is fiber in all major meals and some meals and planned ahead.

  1. Eat your calories over a drink:

Try to limit and the alcohol intake, as with diwali we have binged alcohol. Try to eat these alcohol calories with Complex carbs and proteins rather then alcohol.

  1. Don’t Skip your Exercise:

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is pre-planned workout schedule before the start of the day. It can include a short duration brisk walk or some home based workouts using apps which are is a combination of HIIT, functional training where in short time we can achieve complete exercise.

  1. Blood Glucose Testing:

Try to maintain blood sugar in the normal range and keep checking it at fasting and once at post prandial now. Make sure you have visited the diabetologist now after the festival and made necessary modifications in diet and medications.

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