In the belly of the ocean

I love Mumbai for two major reasons. Firstly its my home, you got to love your home right?! But more importantly its next to the Sea!  I have been a sea person all my life, if I am happy I go to the sea, if I have to contemplate I go there, if I am sad I run there.

The ocean is vastness, it is infinity. It is calm and crazy at the same time. It is one big, fat magical mystery.  So while, I have admired its beauty from the beach or the promenade, or played and swam in the sea since childhood; its only now that I experienced it from its’s very belly.

It was the same Arabian sea &  Indian ocean, I grew up seeing. But I was not a spectator any more; I was infact a part of it ❤️

  1. I was on solo trip to Sri Lanka and on a spur of the moment I took a surf lesson. Absolutely on a impulse. Random.
    This short surf lesson gave me a lot of bruises..several failures.. but a great great joy beyond words!! The moments in the ocean and top of a wave 🌊 balancing myself over the board were meditative ❤️ There were moments when I was one with the board, with the wave and with the universe itself!! I realized it’s never too late to learn,  and that you just have to be in the moment..not everything is a dream..not everything is planned..I stumbled over something incredible and it filled my heart with tremendous joy ❤️️
  2. And then few months later, something  spectacular happened, I went down below. I felt it’s heart beat, I breathed with it. Yes, I am talking about Scuba & Snorkeling. It was like discovering Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, magically concealed behind the barrier between muggle platforms Nine and Ten. I entered into a whole new world, nothing quiet like what we live in 🙂  There was no sound except that of my breathing. And there was life & beauty that no words can describe. I believe this experience coined the word “wonder” ❤️ I was as close to myself and to god, as I could dream of.

As a healer, I recommend this to all my patients at Healing Harmony that there is no better healing then connecting with the nature, with this universal energy. Our individual egos separate us from the universe. It brings a sense of “me” and a sense of “everything else or other”, and this creates most of our trouble.  While our world, as we know it, is only a particle of dust in the scheme of things, our individual egos are bigger than the universe itself.

Once we loosen this border and realize we are part of this whole..a magical transformation arises. This oneness is easily possible when we are closer to the nature.

Remove some time to hear the birds, the waves crash. Remove some time to walk up the hills and lie on the sand to star gaze. Remove some time to see  a flower bloom and see the sun set in the ocean.  And of course, if possible witness the sea world 🙂

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Love and Light ❤️




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