Being Foodieee..

I remember my mom telling me that at the age of 5, I went to one of my neighbour’s house and she asked me what I had for dinner to which I replied Frankie. She then asked me how it was made and I went and told her the entire recipe for it. And I was just 5.. I think that’s how it all begun..

Over a period of time, I developed this craziness to try all sorts of varieties in food available. Being a pure vegetarian, installly the options were less as our Indian culture was still developing the Taste but slowly as the times changed the food habits of people developed too.. I remember during our college times, going to a fine dine was a luxury which has now changed. There is a fine dine at every nook and corner of any area. And people are ready to pay.

Coming back to my food journey, I was always Tempted to try various stuff available to get to know the Taste. What was more challenging was to replicate the dish at home. And slowly I started my cooking journey. My life as an home chef. Began there. Being from a gujju background, it was easy for me as my family was ok with my experiments. Before social media came, we had khana Khazana and Tarla Dalal show which I used to watch without missing any episode. My mom to is an excellent chef too but her taste lies on more of the Indian side which was not my choice. Pasta was something I was fascinated with when I tried For the first time and was tempted to try at home. After many failed attempts I nailed the perfect recipe for pasta. Slowly my taste buds changed and I cultivated this amazing taste for Italian, Mexican and not to forget dessertssss.. Desserts are my weakness, specially dark chocolate. Like my husband says that if anything is served to u coated with dark chocolate, you will happily eat it. And slowly my experiment with Chocolates to begun. I started making chocolates at home.

For me social media proved as a boon (let people curse it how much ever they want). There are these various food groups which I joined and made some amazing friends and after which I took my passion for cooking to another level. Now I really love to explore new dishes, new places.. Baking happened to me at this time and slowly I started making basic chocolate and fruits cakes.

I love my food journey till now. Am still exploring many things is this and will continue to do so..

Thank u for reading 😍


Apeksha Mehta

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