STSOUL’S TEMPLE, by Dr. Tarmy Kansagra

Inspiring you to live a life, being in touch with your own divinity, brightening your universe around. It is easy, it is simple and it is down to earth. Learn without commercial consideration and contribute what you can.

The whole universe is a manifestation of collective thought processes and collective consciousness. We are an extension as well as an integral part of the entire system. If we collectively shift the way we think,eventually we will influence the entire universe. Let us discover the divine in us, in every one and create the world which feels as divine as a sacred Temple or a Mosque or a Church.

This is a collective movement; the beginning happens with self healing and personal cleansing. Come join us, keep in touch with us.. There is a lot that you, me and all around us in the world have to do…individually as well as collectively.

Healing is simpler than you can imagine and yet so profound that you can never imagine…it’s a flow, it’s a divinity. your soul is getting cleansed. it’s a soul bath. The more you practice the more you will discover the magnificence of Soul’s Temple with each passing day…
If you are a beginner or a curious reader, here is how it works:
Identify a Problem / Issue you would like to address:
Affirm the following statement 21 times each… All three statements together or one statement after the other.
1. This ……… (Pain / Problem / Issue) is my Soul’s Temple
2. My need for the ……(Pain / Problem / Issue) is my Soul’s Temple
3. My resistance to let go of this ……..(Pain / Problem / Issue) is my Soul’s Temple

Its a process so you have to make affirmations according to your problem and have to work on it.


One out of the following results expected.

1.Completely fine : If you feel completely fine, that means the issue is either superficial or you are very receptive to the healing process. Before you stop the process make sure there are no deeper layers surfacing up. If you are present to the next layer, address it with the help of affirmations.

2.Mild difference: You are doing well. Repeat the same affirmations OR there could be some other layer of emotion or physical discomfort surfacing up. You can now work on the next layer of issues or continue with the original issue, the choice is yours in this case.

3.Feeling Blank: A state, where there is no thought, no feeling, no pain, no problem. In this space you are likely to get a beautiful insight. If you do not understand the metaphor behind these insights, do not worry you can get intuitive answers through Soul’s Temple.

4.No difference at all :This is really a rare situation. In this case, be patient and repeat the same statements . Check if you have any doubt, benefit or resistance! you need to work deeper. If you have religious beliefs or atheist beliefs coming in the way; feel free to replace the word Temple with Mosque, Church, Gurudwara or simply with the word Love. Some seekers do use words Soul’s Love instead of Soul’s Temple in the beginning…anything is fine.

5.Feeling sleepy and drowsy: It is a good sign.In that case your subconscious mind works more.In fact we recommend you  to do the process before going to sleep. your mind is calm and peaceful at that time.

6. Discharges: You tend to release toxic energies through burps, yawn, gaseous discharges from intestines, deep breath and at times minor running nose or diarrhea. If you have any discharge, know that it is a release process: Allow it to complete its natural course.

7. Mixed Response: e.g. Physical pain, emotional disturbance, itching in certain body part(s), discomfort in certain body part(s), etc. all surfacing at the same time. Address all of that and it will go away.

At times you are so attached to your problems and may not be able to help yourself immediately. OR you may not be able to prioritize your problems, issues, etc. In that case you need assistance to  address your  problem and issues. please call-  022-28893347 / 8433581011

I shall be very happy to assist you with the right affirmations.

We conduct various such meditations and therapies. To know more about Healing Harmony you can visit us on Healing Harmony

To follow our latest work and events Follow us on Facebook

Thank you,

With love

Dr. Tarmy Kansagra


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